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About the Game


    Edward (FlikIt's creator) has provided over 18 years of coaching and mentoring to thousands of youth (athlete & non-athletes) via organizations such as Pop Warner, Pro Camps, NFL Play60, LA Rams, LA Chargers and many others.  A military veteran of 20+ years, father, author and film executive producer.  Edward hopes to deliver a platform for tournaments to give diehard boardgame/football fans a chance to compete for rewards and prizes and show off their tabletop gridiron skills.  FlikIt FlikIt Football is a tailgate must-have and a family game nighter for sure!!  Make sure you get yours today!  


We thank you in advance for your support! 

About the Creator


   FlikIt FlikIt Football is a unique 6 fold tabletop board game. Each player takes turns attempting to flick the ball into the opponents' end zone for 7 points or land on a 3pt attempt to try a field goal. Score as many touchdowns and field goals before time expires. FlikIt FlikIt Football offers hours of fun and entertainment at parties, tailgates, and other social events. Take the family away from electronic devices and around the table for pure competitive fun!! FlikIt is great for children ages starting at 8+

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Your Contribution

Not interested in the game but love the vision of getting these into organizations such as youth and fostered homes, boys and girls clubs, etc?


Click the donation button below and your donation will go exactly towards that with a from you note to the selected organization.

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